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When a scientist sent back to the prehistoric era strays off the path he causes a chain of events that alters history in disastrous ways.

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original title: A Sound of Thunder

genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller



duration: 1h 41min

tags: Some Rules Should Never Be Broken.

budget: $80,000,000

keywords: timetravel, hunter, alternatereality, plant, hunting, forest, woods, future, technology, laboratory, vegetation, metropolis, portal, year2055, timemachine, basedonshortstory, prehistorictimes, evoluti









































2055, Charles Hatton has made a fortune by founding 'Time safari', which offers rich 'big game hunters' short time travels to kill off dinosaurs just before their natural death. When Travis notices the weather and wildlife are not behaving as usual, he consults Dr. Rand, the contractually invisible inventor of the supercomputer which controls the time travel. They soon face 'time waves', each worsening the effects in 2055 of evolutionary distortions, lower lifeforms first. They attempt to identify and rectify the past alteration, but each attempt gets harder in their distorted present. When a scientist sent back to the prehistoric era strays off the path he causes a chain of events that alters history in disastrous ways. But I seriously liked this film. I think this is cheesy science fiction done right. But after a while, you kind of forget that it's not an extremely high-quality movie and just enjoy watching it (if you like science fiction). I didn't like it because it was so cheesy though. I liked it as a serious film. Call me crazy, but I just didn't think it was that bad. Believe me, I've seen far worse (check out my reviews of Dragon Fighter and 10.5: Apocalypse).

This movie is based on a short story by Ray Bradbury about a company that sends wealthy tourists to the past to hunt dinosaurs. But there are three rules everyone must obey: don't leave anything behind; don't bring anything back; and no matter what, don't change anything. But then somebody breaks a rule.

I'm gonna let you watch the movie and see what happens next. As a teenager I remember reading the short story A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury . It's a science fiction revolving around chaos theory and the butterfly effect where time travel is possible and an industry of hunting dinosaurs tens of millions in the past is a once in a lifetime thrill for the exclusively mega-rich . This leads to time being changed subtly but ultimately disasterously for humanity where a war mongering fascist leader is elected and with him the probability of thermo nuclear war

It's one of these short stories that exists due to the twist ending . Try and think of THE TWILIGHT ZONE with a downbeat ending . One problem I had with the internal logic with the story is that even if time travel was possible - and the scientific community are certain that time travel is forever impossible - then would anyone allow it to happen preciselyfor the reasons pointed out in the story ? You know you step on a butterfly and next thing you know humanity ends in a big puff of smoke

The film version of A SOUND OF THUNDER pads out the premise of the original short story to feature length and the more it adds the more problematic everything becomes on a logical level . Expeditions to a point in time where a dinosaur is about to die in an exact point in timewill immediately lead you to ask is there actually a market in this . You turn up with the Jurrasic period and shoot a giant reptile which only has seconds to live anyway . Is this worth the astronomical fee you'll be expected to pay ? So apart from the illogical nature of the original short story the film version heaps on more and more implausible aspects of its own

But it's not the narrative that has come in on for major criticism on this website , it's the production values . Some quotes state that this movie cost $80 million to make . One wonders if someone either stuck a zero on the end , or if Ben Kingsley is the highest paid movie star in history or if someone simply deposited most of the budget in to a Swiss bank account because the money is nowhere to be seen on screen . People may point out that the dino-baboon hybrids ( Yeah I know these hybrids don't make sense ) or the dino-sharks are totally unconvincing but they're adequate compared to the laughable scenes midway through the film where people walk around a city of the future . Let me elaborate: two characters are supposedly walking along a city but it's obvious that the sequence is achieved by the actors being in front of back projection . It's not even blue-screen it's back projection as you see in films from the first half of the 20th Century and the perspective isn't even in a convincing aspect ratio . What makes all of this even more laughable in that it's obvious that the actors are walking on the spot ! Is this a sophisticated post modernist joke ? If you see any hint of sophistication let me know what scene it appeared in

One could perhaps be more forgiving since A SOUND OF THUNDER was supposedly beset by production problems from the outset but even so a film like HEAVENS GATE still contains some memorable imagery and sequences . Watching A SOUND OF THUNDER you're continually scratching your head wondering where the budget went to . If this was a $1 million production by The Asylum or The SyFy Channel then it'd be merely average . Looking on the bright side it's a film seldom seen which will be of great consolation to everyone who worked on this turkey A clunky and cheesy disaster.


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